oulipost #30: we were so on

we were so on

In our newsroom, we
voted down the universe; we
thwart its regional center, we
arrive with a helicopter to
restore the dead, we
get control;

call website; we are
pretty much united in our efforts to begin
switchin’ to digital

really want to get
disconnected by a cable

the feds let it roll
behind the dead residents
between the family and the friends,
global warming and taxidermy,
zero and the sun.

By now you have heard me say it even blunt:
we all have to keep our heads

(the visitors do the hard work,
let their brains go)

You know, we found one

a cloudless sky
a historic moment
a lake
a snowmobile
a Peep show

a volatile little peep show
a cocky $17 million diorama
of mental and spiritual calm

And when it was opened,
I discovered what could only be considered
jumping naked into Vignettes
of Hope and control:

1.) heard of Depression?
The place from which the subject stole the sunglasses

2.) trained geese
are keeping their clothes on a garland of time

3.) we were on. we were so on


Source Material: My own poems from the last 29 days 🙂

Prompt: Patchwork Quilt. I took lines and words from my previous poems and “quilted” them into a poem. See the pic below for more details about the process, and a fun, Quitl-y visual. Each block of a single color represents that those words (and line breaks and punctuation) were found together in my poems. A color change indicates a new phrase or word drawn from a different poem. The colors themselves (e.g. purple vs. orange) don’t indicate anything specific and are merely used to indicate which phrases were found together. The punctuation and numbers I added are in black.

oulipost 30 final